Tips on Surviving a Brain Aneurysm

Tip #8

Take one day at a time during recovery. If you are blessed enough to make it to recovery, which I hope you or your loved one makes it, take it slow. Do not push yourself too hard. Remember that we are all different and we heal at different rates. Try to think positive and do not put so much blame on yourself for things that you had no control over. The fact that you are alive should give you a reason to be curious enough to see what tomorrow has in store for you. God has a special purpose for you. He chose you to bear that burden because He saw something in you that qualified you for that responsibility. Do not feel depressed if you are unable to do the things that you used to do before or if your memory is not as sharp as before. Give it time and do some memory exercises. One thing you must remember is that healing begins from within. When your soul is healed, your body will surely heal.

If you are a caregiver, please be patient with your loved one.Bear in mind that recovery is probably harder for patients compared to the treatment. When your loved one realizes that he or she can’t do the things they used to do before or just the thought of how life has changed for them and those around them, they feel like a burden to you. You are the only person to reassure them and give them hope when all seems to have been lost. Most patients will suffer from at least one form of depression and will lack interest in doing most things in life. It is okay and normal. Take it slow and be patient. Things will improve with time. Know when to ask for help, do not allow yourself to reach the burnout point.

If you are a caregiver and have lost a loved one due to a brain aneurysm, do not be consumed by stress. You had no control over what happened. Life is such a priceless thing, and only God can give it and take it away at His own timing. No matter how painful it is, the sad truth is that we all have a way to exit this life, and when our time comes, nothing can stop us from leaving. Pray for your loved one and know that it was their time to go and set them free.

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