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Brain Aneurysm misdiagnosis!

Know the symptoms and help save a life or the outcomes of a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Open the link below to read the full story.

The state of Texas officially recognizes September as the Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month.

Thank you so much governor Abbott and the Brain Aneurysm organizations, advocates, survivors and caregivers for making this possible.

This is what I received in the mail today!

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, officially recognizes September as the Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

This is what happens when we work together as a team!

Thank you so much Governor Abbott and all the advocates who have worked tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Let’s spread the awareness and continue to save lives.

An emotional and a must-watch Traumatic Brain Injury survivor’s story, Ariel Johnson

Being a brain aneurysm or TBI survivor, caregiver or loved one, you understand that every individual’s case is unique. We are often left with many unanswered questions. To be be fair, we can generalize that it’s Faith that keeps us going.

Once in a while, however, we come across a story that takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride. Ariel Johnson’s story is one of that kind. Her life changed in an instant and so did she. Ariel is a true overcomer and a definition of what it means to ” fight for your life.” She was in a coma, persevered through the long hospital stays that involved hospital transfers for better care, had part of her skull in a freezer while the medical experts carefully planned and implemented the best treatment approach possible for her, gave her very best during the unpredictable recovery period, and now she’s here to shine light on all of us. Her story gives us hope that it’s true hard times don’t last forever.

Please watch Ariel’s story here and subscribe to her YouTube channel to get more of her follow up videos.

Ariel Johnson’s story- summarised version
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